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Rustic Oaks Farm is proud to offer you some of the best genetics through our Donors and Sires. Please call us for more information on our donors or sires below, and thank you for your interest in Rustic Oaks Farm.
RRR L18 Penelope 0509 ET
Registration Number: 42998912 - View Full Pedigree
Date of Birth: March 19, 2009
Owned With: River Ridge Ranch, Durand, IL

    Dunrobin Excel 3Z ET
  DD Excel Design 40
    Miss LL Brigader
Sire: go excel l18
    Go 9012Y Advance 124
  Go Ms 124 Advance 7005
    Go Ms 804 Dom 4005
    Remitall Energizer 153E
  RST ROF Centennial 1H
    RST Targette 40C
Dam: djr molly 102
    Blakney's Merg Jaguar
  TJ Jaqui 008
    M TJ Miss Titlest 338

ROF SF  Violet 119Y ET
Registration Number: 43229825  - View Full Pedigree
Date of Birth: January 19, 2011
Owned With: Mud Creek Farms, German Valley, IL

    JDF 160 Wrangler 15
  JDH 15 Wrangler 25L
    JDH Ms Lute 18J
Sire: thr thor 4029
    CL 1 Domino 641F
  THR Miss Thor 0266
    THR Miss Thor 8050
    Remitall Lion King 252L ET
    BH Y131 Moon 05J
Dam: rof vogue 211R
    Remitall Online 122L
  DJR Nickie 302
    DJR Molly 102

ROF 122L  Adeline 411Y ET
Registration Number: P43233155  - View Full Pedigree
Date of Birth: April 11, 2011
Owned With: Bernard Show Cattle, Grand Ridge, IL

    Remitall ACME 10A
  Remitall Embracer 8E
    Plain Lake Belle 20X 117P 5B
    MM RSM Stockmaster 512
  Remitall Catalina 24H
    Remitall Catalina 139C
    SHF Interstate 20X D03
  MSU Lawyer L7
    MSU Misty 17H
Dam: BH L7 CONNOR 723
    BR Summit 2040
  BH 2040 Dominet G704
    BH Big N Miss 121

ROF Time Is Money 311A ET
Registration Number: 43414858  - View Full Pedigree
Date of Birth: March 11, 2013

    CS Boomer 29F
  THM Durango 4037
    THM 7085 Victra 9036
Sire: CRR About time 743
    SHF Interstate 20X D03
  CRR D03 Cassie 206
    CRR 475E Cassie 838
    DD Excel Design 40
  Go Excel L18
    Go Ms 124 Advance 7005
Dam: rrr l18 penelope 0509 et
    RST ROF Centennial 1H
  DJR Molly 102
    TJ Jaqui 008

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Foundation Show Results For Sale Home
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